Alex Batty tells of his extraordinary escape in first ever interview


In a dramatic turn of events, teenager Alex Batty abandoned a hippy lifestyle and orchestrated “Le Great Escape” from a rented home in the French Pyrenees, driven by a deep-seated desire to embrace a more conventional teenage existence.Turning his back on his mother, Melanie (43), and grandfather, David (64), Alex embarked on a remarkable journey, covering a staggering 22 miles over two days in pursuit of a different life. His quest for normalcy led him to traverse challenging terrain, symbolizing a departure from the unconventional lifestyle he sought to escape.During the early hours of the morning, around 3 am, a vigilant delivery driver noticed Alex and decided to intervene. Recognizing the significance of the situation, the driver took Alex to a local police station, ensuring his safety and bringing an end to his extraordinary journey.Now safely back in the UK and residing with his grandmother, Alex has broken his silence in an exclusive interview with The Sun. In this conversation, he opens up about the six years he spent missing, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his “great escape” and providing insights into the motivations behind his decision to return to the United Kingdom. The interview offers a unique perspective on Alex’s experiences and the factors that influenced his life-altering choices.


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