BREAKING: IDF ELIMINATES Senior Hamas Commander; Navy TARGETS Explosives On Gaza


Reporting from Israel, this is Yir Pinto on the 88th day of the Hamas-Israel war. The IDF has successfully eliminated a senior commander from Hamas’s NBA force. Notably, Hamas has been caught ambushing citizens in the Gaza Strip, and UNRWA schools are being exploited as Hamas headquarters.

In recent operations, the IDF targeted the command center of the NBA terrorists in De El balak, eliminating Adel Mhma, a key figure responsible for terror attacks against Israeli civilians. The Abu El area in the Sajaya neighborhood serves as a base for Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both sponsored by Iran.

The IDF combat teams raided military posts, destroying anti-tank squads of Hamas. A significant discovery was made in a building where a Hamas terrorist’s professional camera revealed insights into their activities. The footage exposed how terrorists disguise themselves as civilians and launch anti-tank missiles from within populated areas.

In Gaza City, the IDF’s 99th division eliminated terrorists, destroyed weapon stockpiles, and conducted airstrikes on terrorist targets. Tragically, weapons were found inside a kindergarten, illustrating Hamas’s disregard for civilian safety.

The IDF Naval forces identified terrorists placing charges on Gaza’s beaches. Collaborating with the Air Force and ground troops, they eliminated terrorists and neutralized explosives threatening IDF forces.

Turning to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, recent IDF attacks targeted Kisala terrorists inside Lebanese territory. Additionally, a terrorist cell in the Kula region was neutralized. The Israeli Air Force intercepted a suspicious aerial target crossing Lebanon, prompting warnings of rocket fire in the Kira area.

A fallen IDF soldier, Major General Amai Israel Yosua, aged 24, from Samaria, was saluted. He bravely fell in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The report concludes with a call for prayer for a new year of peace, hope, and appreciation for life’s simple things. Special prayers are requested for hostages held inside Gaza, separated from their loved ones. Join in praying for the Peace of Jerusalem.


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