BREAKING: Hamas Leader ASSASINATED In Beirut; IDF Conquers Hamas Outpost In Gaza City

[ad_1] On this 89th day of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, I, Pinto, bring you updates from Israel as I traverse back into the Gaza Strip. The recent incident in Beirut involving the execution of Salak Elari and his associates showcased an exceptionally well-executed operation. Kudos to the mastermind behind it—a genius display […]

Israeli forces strike Hezbollah base in southern Lebanon as cross-border tensions escalate

[ad_1] The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have officially disclosed that a military aircraft targeted a Hezbollah observation post and military installation situated in Maroun el-Ras, located in southern Lebanon. This strategic move serves as a direct response to the persistent cross-border assaults orchestrated by the notorious terror group. Subsequent to the precision airstrike, IDF units […]

Hamas exploiting children in Gaza tunnels exposed

[ad_1] Earlier today, the IDF disclosed compelling evidence revealing that the Hamas terrorist organization engages in the indoctrination of children within the Gaza Strip, inciting them to participate in terrorist activities. From a very young age, children undergo an educational process fostering animosity towards Israel and Jews. This indoctrination takes place not only in schools […]

Israel-Iran SECRET WAR Heats Up; U.S. & Britain Plan JOINT ATTACK On Houthis

[ad_1] In the intricate landscape of geopolitical affairs, England and the United States have charted a course for a joint offensive, aimed at addressing the escalating tensions in our global neighborhood. The pulse of this week’s events resonates with the dynamics of perplexity and burstiness. Iran, grappling with impatience, mourns the loss of Musavi, a […]

Iran’s goal is to destroy Israel’s efforts in reconciling with Arab countries, says US Sen. Graham

[ad_1] I am deeply committed to fostering stability in your country and the broader region. I firmly believe that Iran’s objective is to undermine your efforts at reconciliation with the Arab world. It is a nightmare scenario for the Ayatollah, and countering it is paramount for a more secure and stable Middle East, with both […]

Extraordinary documentation from Gaza: the heroic battle of the Givati Brigade under infernal fire

[ad_1] In the bustling heart of Beit Hanun unfolded a gripping and intense battle. An elite company of reserve fighters found themselves ambushed, thrust into a heroic struggle under relentless gunfire as they successfully neutralized numerous terrorists. Those fighters who managed to emerge alive from the crucible of combat now share tales of the dramatic […]

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