Hamas exploiting children in Gaza tunnels exposed


Earlier today, the IDF disclosed compelling evidence revealing that the Hamas terrorist organization engages in the indoctrination of children within the Gaza Strip, inciting them to participate in terrorist activities.

From a very young age, children undergo an educational process fostering animosity towards Israel and Jews. This indoctrination takes place not only in schools but also through youth movements and camps, encompassing both theoretical and practical military training.

During periods of relative calm, Hamas organizes summer camps where children are taught to handle firearms, navigate through tunnels, confront tanks, and even engage in simulated soldier abductions. These camps essentially serve as initial stages of training for Hamas’ military wing. Intelligence suggests a significant number of minors actively participate in the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations.

Even amid times of conflict, Hamas exploits minors for various tasks, such as sending children to deliver messages and ammunition. The IDF has previously exposed an investigation involving a company commander in the Hamas ‘Zeytoun’ Battalion, outlining the terrorist organization’s combat strategy.

According to this doctrine, children are utilized to transport ammunition with the understanding that the IDF refrains from harming them in compliance with international law. An illustrative example is the transportation of explosives concealed in vegetable bags by children in Gaza.

Another alarming practice involves sending children to combat zones after attacks, tasked with assessing the damage and relaying information to terrorists hiding in shelters. This highlights the disturbing tactics employed by Hamas, exploiting the vulnerability of children for nefarious purposes


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