Iran’s goal is to destroy Israel’s efforts in reconciling with Arab countries, says US Sen. Graham


I am deeply committed to fostering stability in your country and the broader region. I firmly believe that Iran’s objective is to undermine your efforts at reconciliation with the Arab world. It is a nightmare scenario for the Ayatollah, and countering it is paramount for a more secure and stable Middle East, with both Israel and the Palestinian people thriving.

I assure you that the sacrifices made will not be in vain. I am dedicated to leveraging all available resources, working closely with the Biden Administration and collaborating with you, Mr. Prime Minister, to turn Iran’s worst nightmare into reality. The vision is for Arabs and Israelis to collectively move towards a brighter future.

Senator Graham, your unwavering support is genuinely appreciated. The bipartisan backing from the American people, reflected in both the administration and Congress, strengthens our resolve. Our shared commitment is clear – achieving our war goals. These include neutralizing Hamas, securing the release of hostages, preventing Gaza from posing a threat, and ensuring the safe return of our citizens in the north and south.

In pursuit of these objectives, we will employ maximum power with meticulous precision wherever it is necessary. Rest assured, we have your back. Thank you for your steadfast support.


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