A multinational task force involving many countries will rule the Gaza Strip – Day 90

[ad_1] In the twilight of the conflict, Israel stands at the crossroads, faced with pivotal decisions shaping its ongoing involvement across all fronts. Concurrently, as we converse, 133 Israelis remain in Hamas’ captivity, prompting relentless efforts from IDF forces to locate them. Our focus tonight extends to a special report on these endeavors. Presenting footage […]

Israel-Hamas War: What’s Next? – Top Rated Local Jewish Businesses, Places & Professionals Your One-Stop Source for All Things Jewish. Video By Jewish Digital Times

[ad_1] Joining us now is former National Security Advisor, retired General Yakov Amid. General Amid, let’s delve into Gaza – it’s the 90th day of the war, with 70 days since the ground incursion began. Most of Northern and Central Gaza seems to be firmly under IDF control. How long do you anticipate before this […]

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