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Joining us now is former National Security Advisor, retired General Yakov Amid. General Amid, let’s delve into Gaza – it’s the 90th day of the war, with 70 days since the ground incursion began. Most of Northern and Central Gaza seems to be firmly under IDF control. How long do you anticipate before this control extends to Southern Gaza? And is control of the crossing to Egypt a genuine military objective?

I believe it will take some weeks, possibly days, but a substantial amount of time to clear the area thoroughly. Even after gaining military control on both sides of the Gaza Street, it will take about a year to eliminate all remnants of the Hamas organization. We’ll need to meticulously search from hole to hole, underground tunnel to underground tunnel, and headquarters to headquarters to find and destroy weapon systems production areas and eliminate the still-existing leadership in Gaza.

Regarding the crossing to Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula, it’s indeed a significant and pertinent question. There may be tunnels beneath the border, and some weapon systems could have been smuggled through the Rafah Crossing. Finding a solution to address this issue will likely involve lengthy discussions between Israel and Egypt, seeking a resolution that satisfies both sides. Currently, this border remains untouched.

Now, turning our attention to the north, Balad leader Nala made a speech after the assassination of Hamas Deputy head Alaruri, showing a lot of bluster but no clear commitments to broadening its confrontation with Israel. Do you anticipate any war in the North in the near future?

The situation in the North poses a significant challenge for Israel. The primary goal is to bring back those who evacuated themselves from the North to their houses and settlements. Some houses have been destroyed by Hamas, but the main question is how to push Hamas in the North to a point where it no longer threatens settlements and the population. There are essentially three options: international pressure, though the chances of success seem minimal; a large-scale war, more devastating than Gaza and immensely challenging for the IDF; or a non-war solution involving strengthening IDF forces in the North, reinforcing barriers between Israel and Lebanon, and empowering the local population to defend themselves. Whether this will be enough for people to return remains uncertain, and a decision on a potential big war against Lebanon cannot be ruled out. Amidst all this, we must address the 200,000 displaced people in the North and South. Thank you for joining us today, and have a great weekend. Stay safe. Shabbat Shalom.


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