Universal Studios Experience DLC | Minecraft


But hold up! Between all these attractions hides a quest. Some of the letters have disappeared from Minecraft’s Universal Studios Globe and there’s quite the reward for the explorer who finds them all. Head out on an adventure across the theme park and see if you can find and complete the movie-themed minigames. But beware! Some quests might involve sneaking past a Velociraptor, diving for treasure amongst sharks, and hoverboard racing back in time. Luckily, there are plenty of characters you may know who can help you, like Frankenstein’s Monster, Puss In Boots, Shrek or even Woody Woodpecker.

The Universal Studios Experience DLC is available at Minecraft Marketplace now so grab some churros and let’s go! There’s no other way to experience every Universal Destinations & Experiences theme park around the world in just one day! So, get ready – a hair-raising world of fun awaits.


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