IDF: Hamas not interested in hostage deal, stealing aid, wants to set region ablaze during Ramadan


Just before the start of Ramadan, Hamas is preventing a humanitarian ceasefire, rejecting proposals from mediators. According to the IDF and ISA intelligence, Hamas is solely concerned with the survival of its leaders. They have been accused of stealing humanitarian aid and stockpiling resources for Ramadan, prioritizing Hamas leaders over the needs of Gaza civilians. By refusing to release hostages, Hamas is prolonging the suffering of civilians in Gaza and obstructing humanitarian efforts. In coordination with our partners in the United States and SENCOM (Central Command), we are arranging a temporary floating pier to facilitate the delivery of more humanitarian aid to Gaza. This aid will be distributed by international organizations until it reaches Gaza civilians in need. Our humanitarian efforts will continue alongside our efforts to dismantle Hamas military capabilities and secure the release of our hostages.


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