Israeli Civilians Carrying Firearms To DEFEND Homeland Against Terrorism


Since turning 18 and joining the IDF, I’ve been trained to use a weapon. Starting today, I’ll carry a personal firearm daily, a decision influenced by the events of October 7th. I’m Y. Pinto, and this is my perspective on current events, faith, and my journey in the Holy Land.

My early military days emphasized the purity of arms – a core IDF value. In the early 2000s, many Israelis carried firearms due to heightened security threats. Despite a decline post-2004, recent events led to a surge in firearm license applications – 300,000 since October 7th, seven times 2023’s total.

Concerns and demand for a solution grew. Historical context explains Israel’s stance on civilian firearm ownership. Since 1948, security challenges forged a collective commitment to self-reliance. Mandatory military service also shapes citizens’ responsibility and discipline, influencing post-service weapon carrying.

The fight against terrorism is pivotal. Recent events debunk misconceptions – Hamas targeted both Jews and Arabs on October 7th. Security failures near Gaza shook citizens’ sense of safety. I, like many, now feel a need to contribute to personal and national defense beyond reserve duty.

Armed citizens act as a deterrent and provide crucial response time in emergencies. Israel encourages responsible firearm ownership, maintaining strict regulations and training. Acquiring a license involves background checks, mental health assessments, and ongoing training.

Owning a gun in Israel is a privilege, not a right. It demands responsibility, respect for the potential consequences, and adherence to strict guidelines. The term ‘purity of arms’ reflects Israel’s commitment to defensive use, limiting harm to attackers and protecting the innocent.

In summary, Israel’s approach to civilian firearm ownership balances individual rights and public security. Recent events underscore the need for citizens to contribute to national defense, emphasizing the responsibility that comes with firearm ownership. Prayers for peace in Jerusalem and a commitment to truth dissemination remain crucial.”


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