IDF reports dozens of Hamas gunmen killed as troops advance through Hamad complex.


The Egoz commando unit continues its operations in the Hamad Town residential complex in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, where the IDF reports that dozens of Hamas gunmen have been killed recently.

According to the IDF, the commandos have captured several more Hamas operatives who surrendered to troops.

During one engagement, IDF soldiers encountered gunfire while searching a building. The troops deployed a drone to locate the gunman and launched a shoulder-fired missile at an apartment where the gunman was hiding, resulting in his death. The army released graphic footage of the engagement. The incident occurred while a mother and two children were in an adjacent room. They were safely extracted from the building and treated by army medics.

Two additional gunmen were killed, and another was captured in the same incident.

Since March 3, troops have been systematically clearing the expansive Qatar-funded residential complex.


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