According to an IDF probe, Palestinian gunmen killed Gazans waiting for aid, with no army fire at all.


The IDF has reported that Palestinian gunmen fired upon Gazan civilians gathered at Kuwait Square in Gaza City last night, resulting in casualties. The IDF maintains that its troops did not fire at any point during the incident.

According to the IDF’s investigation, a convoy consisting of 31 trucks carrying food and other humanitarian aid for civilians was en route to northern Gaza. Approximately an hour before reaching an IDF-designated corridor, armed Palestinians opened fire while civilians were awaiting the arrival of the aid trucks.

The IDF probe reveals that as the aid trucks entered the corridor, Palestinian gunmen continued to shoot while a crowd of Gazans began looting the trucks. Additionally, the IDF identified several civilians who were injured after being struck by the trucks.

Hamas health officials have reported at least 21 fatalities and over 150 injuries resulting from the incident.

After conducting an exhaustive preliminary review, the IDF concluded that its forces did not open fire on the aid convoy at Kuwait Square. The military asserts that no tank shells, airstrikes, or gunfire were directed toward the Gazan crowd in the vicinity of the aid convoy, based on assessments of operational systems and troops on the ground.

The IDF emphasizes that it remains committed to its humanitarian efforts to provide food and aid to the civilians of Gaza. However, it condemns Hamas for perpetrating violence against Gazan civilians seeking assistance, while simultaneously attempting to blame Israel for the situation.

The military warns against a smear campaign aimed at spreading baseless misinformation to incite violence during Ramadan, underscoring the need for accurate reporting and responsible behavior to prevent further escalation.


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