An aid supply ship from Cyprus has reached the Gaza coast, but weather conditions are slowing down the delivery.


Today, witnesses report that a ship towing a barge loaded with food arrived off Gaza, marking a test run for a new aid route by sea from Cyprus into the devastated Palestinian enclave. This initiative comes amidst the looming threat of famine after five months of Israel’s military campaign.

Arranged by the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charity, the ship is carrying nearly 200 tons of aid intended to be delivered via a makeshift jetty being prepared in Gaza. A second ship is expected to sail soon to further support relief efforts.

Footage posted by a WCK official on social media shows rough seas slowing down the cargo’s progress toward land, with the aid floating on a barge attached by rope to a salvage ship.

Jose Andres, the Michelin-starred chef and founder of WCK, mentions in a post on X that while some crates have already been delivered from the barge, there is still more work to be done in the coming hours.

Confirming the arrival of the WCK aid boat, the IDF states that it underwent a comprehensive security check before reaching the Gaza coast. Subsequently, 115 tons of food and water from the barge were offloaded to 12 trucks for distribution in northern Gaza by WCK.

The IDF emphasizes that the aid delivery is being carried out in coordination with a civilian company and stresses that it does not violate the maritime security blockade.

While the new sea route may offer relief to the hunger crisis in Gaza, challenges persist in getting supplies to those in need, as highlighted by UN relief agencies. Aid agencies stress that while sea and airdrop deliveries are valuable, they cannot fully address the difficulties in bringing in supplies by land.


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