The IDF has released footage showing Palestinian gunmen opening fire on Gaza civilians who were waiting for aid yesterday.


The IDF has released aerial footage purportedly showing Palestinian gunmen opening fire amidst a crowd of Gazan civilians waiting for aid at Kuwait Square in Gaza City last night.

According to the IDF, the footage was captured an hour before the aid trucks reached a corridor in northern Gaza, where the convoy later passed through.

Hamas health authorities have accused Israeli troops of opening fire from “tanks and helicopters” at the civilians awaiting aid, resulting in the deaths of 21 people and the injury of over 150 others.

However, the IDF has stated that, based on an initial probe, Israeli forces did not engage in gunfire at any point during the incident. The investigation revealed that Palestinian gunmen initiated gunfire within the crowd both before the trucks arrived and during the convoy’s passage.

The IDF asserts that it is continuing to investigate the incident further.


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