Israel Hamas War: Brave mother’s tearful plea for son’s release from Hamas terrorists


On that fateful October 7th, I found myself in my safe room, a bedroom designed for protection, in a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip. The day began with the thunderous roar of bombs, a sadly familiar sound in our region plagued by frequent attacks. My son, residing in a kibbutz close to the border, informed me that his area was under intense bombardment as well. The events of that day unfolded rapidly, escalating from routine bombings to a situation of grave concern.

In the initial hour, I remained in my safe room, shielded from the continuous bombardment. It was only when my son started conveying distressing messages that the gravity of the situation became apparent. Reports of terrorists infiltrating the kibbutz, gunfire, and his struggle for survival intensified our anxiety. Around 10:00, as he described being trapped in his room with terrorists outside, unable to breathe, the severity of the situation became overwhelming. Despite our attempts to reassure him, uncertainty and fear gripped our hearts.

As we received updates, we learned that a ceasefire, though brief, allowed for the release of hostages, including my son. The deal involved the return of approximately 40 hostages by Israel, with my son slated to be among them, a glimmer of hope amid the chaos.

In the aftermath, our family, particularly my son’s bandmates from the heavy metal group Persafor, provided unwavering support. The band, deeply connected to my son, rallied to raise awareness, creating an Instagram page titled “BringYamBack.” They encouraged musicians worldwide to contribute pieces in solidarity, fostering a global movement for his safe return.

Coping day by day, hour by hour, our family remains resilient, fueled by hope and a shared belief that our son will return safely. The ordeal has drawn us closer, navigating uncertainty together, and we await the joyous moment when we can embrace him once more.

To my son, if I could convey a message, it would be one of unwavering love and support. We are doing everything in our power, and Israel’s strength and determination are behind his safe return. When he comes home, the first instinct will be to laugh and share a long, heartfelt hug, a reunion filled with gratitude and relief.


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