How to survive suddenly becoming a UX team of one | by Kai Wong | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] Written communication is critical to managing expectations Photo by Markus Spiske: “It’s just me now.” I said, after wishing my colleague the best. She just accepted a new job offer, meaning I was back to being a UX team of one. This wasn’t my first time as a sole Designer, but it was […]

Why accessibility overlays are not a good idea | by Ruben Ferreira Duarte | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] There are no magic solutions for digital accessibility 14 min read · 15 hours ago © Marcel Strauss Digital accessibility can and should be transversal and participatory work in any digital transformation project. The statement may seem simple, even somewhat consensual, but it entails many challenges that can often be difficult to implement in […]

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