Why accessibility overlays are not a good idea | by Ruben Ferreira Duarte | Mar, 2024


There are no magic solutions for digital accessibility

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Digital accessibility can and should be transversal and participatory work in any digital transformation project. The statement may seem simple, even somewhat consensual, but it entails many challenges that can often be difficult to implement in the concrete reality of any project.

In recent years, the digital industry has seen a significant increase in the relevance of the topic of digital accessibility. Whether due to the conscious and genuine search by teams to build more accessible products and services, or due to the evolution of the legislative framework around the topic, which has brought renewed challenges to brands in general.

Either of these two reasons are excellent excuses to bring digital accessibility to the center of projects. At the end of the day, accessibility is much more than technical guidelines or legislative standards. The main beneficiaries of accessibility are not simply companies that become “compliant”, but mainly all people, some more than others, who actually need digital solutions to be accessible so that they can carry out the most basic actions in their daily lives.

We can look at digital accessibility from different perspectives, but it is good that we never forget…


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