How does a £20+ million D2C coffee brand convert email subscribers? | by Daphne Tideman | Mar, 2024


Let’s break down the 6 emails in their welcome flow.

Welcome flow of Grind Coffee overview
Welcome flow of Grind Coffee overview

Grind has been steadily growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. If you’ve braved the crowded underground in London, you may have spotted some of their baby pink ads as you try to block out the screech of the Central line.

They stand out for a simple reason: they really get what coffee drinkers are looking for.

They’re clear about what makes their coffee special, weaving their care for the planet and their own unique story into everything they do. Their approach is backed up by loads of positive feedback from happy customers, proving they’re doing something right.

So how do they convert those potential customers and convince them it’s time for a cup of Grind coffee?

It’s all about that welcome email flow. For D2C brands, your welcome flow is one of the best ways to drive new sales, so it’s vital to get it right.

Lola Hylander and I decided to investigate their welcome flow in depth. Her family were avid Grind fans long before the hype and Central line advertisements.

Four eyes are better than two, so we gathered many insights into what they did well and areas for improvement during the…


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